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Color Trends 2015: Marsala in Door County

Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala and Your Door County wedding. Get inspiration! Photos by Jason Mann Photography.
Marsala is the Pantone color of the Year (2015). But is Marsala red, burgundy or brown? It can be any or all of these colors depending on the colors you place around it, and if you like to be trendy it's easy to incorporate it into your whole wedding color scheme or just add a pinch of it for a pop.

Find these color palettes and more Marsala Inspiration on my Pinterest board.

Here are a few ways you can bring a bit of Marsala into your wedding no matter the season, along with a few examples.



A palate of pale pinks and a bit of off white plays in beautifully with Marsala from Door County Cherry trees and their blossoms. Peonies are a popular spring wedding flower too and come in rich brown hues that are reminiscent of Marsala. But if you love the natural elements try emblazoning your monograms on a piece of birch bark for your centerpieces, or choose to allow nature to provide the shades of brown by getting a few pictures on the beach.

A spring color palette for a Door County wedding including cherry blossoms and white birch. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.

If Marsala in the brown tones isn't quite your style and you have a bit of romantic heart, why not play into your inner child and do it up like you used to for Valentine's Day! Deep red roses in a bouquet are perfect for your Marsala touch. Pair that with pale pinks, red and white and varying patterns and you have a gorgeous, flirty color scheme ready to go.

Door County spring wedding with marsala in a burgundy tone. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.


If you like a richer toned color palette, add jewel tones of purple, gray and greens to a Marsala cherry tone, or choose the golden hues of sunflowers and a backdrop of firetrucks. Sometimes simply adding cowboy boots can do the trick or throw in a Door County fish boil — it's fantastic fun, and the baby red potatoes could be your "Marsala".

Marsala in the Fall featuring a Door County wedding with sunflowers and a fish boil. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.


Fall is the perfect season to incorporate the trend. Orange, reds and yellows easily found in nature and if you don't want to use Marsala in your bouquets or bridesmaid dresses. Find a barn that dot Wisconsin's landscape or a little chapel like Bjorklunden in Baileys Harbor that can add those tones in your wedding photography.

Light brown tones bring in Marsala in this cute, burlap ring pillow and tier cake. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.
A deep burgundy Marsala found in the floral bouquets and bridesmaid dresses in this Door County wedding. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.
Jewel tones with Marsala fill these fall inspired pumpkin centerpieces and float atop this gorgeous cake. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.


Whether you choose deep purple burgundy tones for a bouquet or gift a sweet marshmallow treat for your favors that include rich dark chocolate, you've chosen a varying shade of Marsala. Or it can be as easy as cherry pie! Marsala is almost the easiest trend color that Pantone has picked to date!

Baby It's COLD Outside! A great chalkboard piece for your treat table at this Door County winter wedding, along with purple tones of Marsala and a cherry pie. Photos by Jason Mann Photography.
I hope this helps to show how easy it is to pop a bit of Marsala into your color palette. It really is a versatile color and one you can add to your wedding, no matter the season.

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