Friday, October 17, 2008

Style of Wedding Photography

So many prospective clients now days are asking what is your style of wedding photography photojournalist or traditional?

Here is a link to a website that explains the different styles of wedding photography better than I could have:

And after reading this article, I believe my style is illustrative.

I like to tell a story with my photographs, but I like some control. I want my shots for the most part to have a point of focus and be correctly exposed. Because I have a background in studio and fashion, I am comfortable shooting with or without flash, but most importantly I know when and how to use it.

I still shoot the traditional altar returns with friends and family. Most couples whether they know it or not will want those family pictures. It may not be the most creative or intimate shots of the day, but it’s important.
I like to put my wedding party in interesting locations and give them direction. I will position the couple and then let them go. I get some great shots of the two of them interacting. I will throw in some directions here and there to keep it moving.

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